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pezberry + text posts part 1

(part 2)


by luckypressure [originally posted here]

AU Pezberry: Rachel finds out that she’s pregnant and subsequently gets kicked out of her home. She manages to find an apartment and starts to prepare herself for raising her child alone. Santana lives in the apartment across the hall and for the first couple of weeks, they just greet each other in passing. That changes the day Santana comes home to find a distraught Rachel, locked out of her apartment and defeated. Santana invites her in and they talk for what seems like hours. Afterwards, Santana is determined to get to know the girl across the hall and asks her out on a date. And another. And another. Over time, Rachel begins to show and is forced to reveal her pregnancy.


Pezberry Week

Day 4: Road Trip


Who do you think is right for Rachel after Finn’s gone? - SANTANA

Pezberry Season 5 Moments