“Hi..” … “..Hi”

#this gif has passed my dash so many times and i keep meaning to reblog it because it gave me so many FEELINGS #but i couldn’t really pinpoint why so i would hit reblog and then stare at the gif and then forget about it #but i think i figured out why #it’s the way that rachel leans in when she says hi and then backs away as she waits for santana’s response #and the way she’s clutching her book like it’s her lifeline and the little muted smirk when santana turns around #it’s just #rachel looks guarded but optimistic #like she’s played the conversation out in her head and believes that santana has changed enough to entertain the idea of being friends #not only that santana would be her friend but also that she’d be proud to SHOW it #and - however poorly executed - hasn’t that been santana’s character arc this entire time? #taking pride in who she is and how she feels#taking pride in her relationships and in the way she connects and relates to herself and others #and i know people have said that it should’ve/could’ve been someone else #but in terms of santana’s development no one else makes more sense than the girl who - two years ago at sectionals - showed faith in santana #even though she barely deserved it #’i believe you’ rachel had said then #and by the end of this conversation it becomes evident that santana has learned to show a little faith in rachel too